Each product is sewn by hand.
Dreaming about your own unique bag?
Go to bag configurator and choose the model you dream about,
the colours of the sides, stitches and the handle.
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Wood and felt are timeless. They contrasts and complete each other. Discover the Bags For Friends collection, matching to many stilisations.


Our products combine passion for design and hand craft.


Bags for Friends products have their own story. See how they were created and meet the artists who designed patterns for each handle.


I designed the brand and invited my friends to cooperate in developing their own patterns on the wooden handles. Now the bags are available also for you!
Choose the pattern you like, or create your own and invite your friends!


I love nature and support local market. Therefore I decided to use felt and wood to sew the bags. I use local materials and natural threads.
Each element is hand made caring about every detail.

meet our designers

Ewa Zamulińska

Interior architect, graduated the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts. Passionate about textiles and nature, the founder of the Bags for Friends brand. She merged passion for design and crafts with working with people. The designers she invited to cooperate in the creation of the brand contributed with the patterns of the wooden handles of Bags for Friends.
See Ewa's gallery

Marek Wilk

Interior architect, graduated from The Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts, Krakow. Owner of Mavi Forma company. He designs and crafts marvelous furniture. In response to my invite he created the very personal and luxury handles. Marek came up with the idea of veneered handles decorating the Bags for Friends like jewelry.
See Marek's gallery

Magdalena Migas

Painter, ilustrator and awarded Graphic Designer, graduated The Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts, Krakow. Inspired by the city, the music and ... see yourselves what else..
See Magdalena's gallery

Anna Dmitroca

Painter and Graphic Designer, graduated The Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts, Krakow. In respond to Ewa's invitation she created intriguing nature inspired themes.
Anna's gallery

Dawid Dziurdzia

Let's get to know the story of Dawid, an illustrator and graphic designer, graduate of Touro College in New York. David has designed funny patterns, inspired by the content of his wife's bag. It was a secret for his beloved! Monika didn't know what was waiting for her. We met them in Cracow-Kazimierz, Look what happened there ...
Dawid's gallery


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